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Updike, John: Gertrude and Claudius
Updike, John: Gertrude and Claudius »A novel of accumulated wisdom, with Mr Updike in full control of his subtle, crafty and incessantly observing art« (THE NEW YORK TIMES OF BOOK REVIEW)
Preis: 10,95 €
Lessing, Doris: The Golden Notebook
Kultbuch der Frauenbewegung. "A work of high seriousness... The most absorbing and exciting piece of new fiction I have read in a decade: it moves with the beat of our time, and it is true" (Irving Howe, THE NEW REPUBLIC) Text auf englisch.
Preis: 3,95 €
A.d.R. "dtv zweisprachig"
Preis: 3,95 €
Pearson, Robert / Mitchell, Susanne (Ed.): The Ordnance Survey Guide to Gardens
"Introduction describing the history of British gardens and gardening. "What to see and where" section listing particular features of interest. 215 gardens described and illustrated in colour. Over 100 further garden sites listed in the gazetteer" (Klappe
Preis: 4,95 €
Buberl, Brigitte (Hg.): Benedict J. Fernandez: Protest
Buberl, Brigitte (Hg.): Benedict J. Fernandez: Protest A.d. Inhalt: An American Tradition. The Camera as a Weapon - The Revolution Took Place in America: Impressions of the Sixties - Benedict J. Fernandez: On the Power of Photography and the Poetry of the Moment - Ben Fernandez and the Photojournalism
Preis: 11,95 € (statt: 84,00 €)
Kegan, Robert: In Over Our Heads
A.d. Inhalt: The Mental Demand of Adolescence - The Mental Demand of Private Life: Parenting - The Mental Demand of Private Life: Work - The Mental Demand of Postmodern Life
Preis: 15,95 €

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Voyages d un Gentilhomme Irlandais a la recherche d une religion avec des notes et des éclaircissemens par Thomas Moore, traduit de l Anglais par l Abbé D***. (Text französisch).
Preis: 33,95 €
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