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Morton, David Lawrence: Traveller s Guide to the Great Art

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  Morton, David Lawrence: Traveller s Guide to the Great Art. Treasures of Europe
  Preis: 2,45 €

Gebraucht, Guter Zustand,
Hardcover, 561 S.
Arlington Books, 1987
ISBN: 0-85140-712-9
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Land: England; Epoche: Gegenwart
Lieferzeit: 3-5 Tage

Sokrates-Verkaufsrang: 20369

The Traveller's Guide To The Great Art Treasures Of Europe explores over 128 museums, plus over 240 palaces, churches, castles, chateaux, monuments and other architectural landmarks listing more than 900 paintings, sculptures and objects on display throughout Europe. It offers a unique opportunity to discover the masterpieces of Europe's finest collections.
David Morton has distilled all this information into a comprehensive ready-reference guide designed to make Europe's art accessible.
He provides a concise commentary of what to look for in the major museums, points out the most significant works, explains their importance in the history of art, their individual meaning and looks at the artist who created them.
The guide lists each country alphabetically, providing an introduction to the national art and lifestyle.
Major places of interest are highlighted within each country with suggestions for visits to outstanding examples of particular architectural significance.
The entry for each museum gives opening hours and, in the case of the larger museums, a ground plan and room-by-room guide. The text also includes a useful glossary of terms relating to painting, sculpture and architecture and an index which cross references cities with their principal museums as well as artists with the names and locations of their works.
For the conscientious art-lover or anyone visiting one or more European country the book is invaluable.

OPb. mit OU., dieser leicht verknickt u. l. fleckig, ansonsten gute Erhaltung.

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