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Thwaite, Anthony / Mole, John (Hg.): Poetry 1945 to 1980
Among [the poets] are not only such well-known figures as Philip Larkin, Ted Hughes, Thorn Gunn, Sylvia Plath and Seamus Heaney, but also many contemporaries and younger poets whose work deserves to be more widely read.
Preis: 10,95 €
Morton, David Lawrence: Traveller s Guide to the Great Art
The book "explores over 128 museums, plus over 240 palaces, churches, castles, chateaux, monuments and other architectural landmarks listing more than 900 paintings, sculptures and objects on display throughout Europe." (Klappentext)
Preis: 2,45 €
Larbaud, Valery: Fermina Márquez
Larbaud, Valery: Fermina Márquez Französischer Romanklassiker als zweisprachige Studienausgabe
Preis: 1,95 € (statt: 3,58 €)
Monory, Jacques: Come-back
Mit dem französischsprachigen Essay: Jean-François Vilar: Poses
Preis: 12,95 €
Ellis, Arthur K.: Teaching and Learning
A.d. Inhalt: Ideas, Definitions, and Trends - Developmental and Psychological Dimensions - Integrating the Social Sciences - How Teachers Approach Social Studies - Teaching and Learning Strategies - Planning for Learning - Doing Inquiry
Preis: 2,95 €
Mann, Thomas: Los Buddenbrook
Mann, Thomas: Los Buddenbrook Text in spanischer Sprache.
Preis: 7,95 €

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Voyages d un Gentilhomme Irlandais a la recherche d une religion avec des notes et des éclaircissemens par Thomas Moore, traduit de l Anglais par l Abbé D***. (Text französisch).
Preis: 33,95 €
Cellini, Benvenuto: The Life of Benvenuto Cellini
A.d. Inhalt: Book First - Book Second - Cellini s Works in Plates - Notes on the Illustrations
Preis: 8,95 €
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