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"In this, her fourth novel in six years, she gives life to her most passionate and tough-minded women yet: Charlie Kate, out of nineteenth-century rural North Carolina, a self-proclaimed doctor who treats everything [...] with her roots and herbs" (Klappe
Preis: 2,45 €
Newman, Bernard: American Journey
Text in englisch.
Preis: 2,45 €
Rede Castros am 10. Februar 1982 in Havana. Text komplett auf englisch.
Preis: 1,45 €
Lessing, Doris: The Golden Notebook
Kultbuch der Frauenbewegung. "A work of high seriousness... The most absorbing and exciting piece of new fiction I have read in a decade: it moves with the beat of our time, and it is true" (Irving Howe, THE NEW REPUBLIC) Text auf englisch.
Preis: 3,95 €
Matthew Sweeney: Santuary
"Here is a poet who has never allowed himself to be distracted a poet, too, whose work all those who think we know it well had better read afresh." (Sean O Brien, Poetry London)
Preis: 4,95 €
Orwell, George: Animal Farm
Englischsprachige Ausgabe des Klassikers: All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others...
Preis: 2,95 €

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Cellini, Benvenuto: The Life of Benvenuto Cellini
A.d. Inhalt: Book First - Book Second - Cellini s Works in Plates - Notes on the Illustrations
Preis: 8,95 €
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