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Schmidt, Bastienne: American Dreams
Schmidt, Bastienne: American Dreams A.d. Inhalt: Bastienne Schmidt: Slightly Tattered Dreams - Vicki Goldberg - Plates - Journal - Bastienne Schmidt - Chronology (Text englischsprachig)
Preis: 11,95 € (statt: 45,00 €)
Ellis, Arthur K.: Teaching and Learning
A.d. Inhalt: Ideas, Definitions, and Trends - Developmental and Psychological Dimensions - Integrating the Social Sciences - How Teachers Approach Social Studies - Teaching and Learning Strategies - Planning for Learning - Doing Inquiry
Preis: 2,95 €
Morton, David Lawrence: Traveller s Guide to the Great Art
The book "explores over 128 museums, plus over 240 palaces, churches, castles, chateaux, monuments and other architectural landmarks listing more than 900 paintings, sculptures and objects on display throughout Europe." (Klappentext)
Preis: 2,45 €
Leonard, Elmore: Get Shorty
"The best American writer of crime fiction alive (Newsweek) outdoes himself in GET SHORTY, a novel that proves the successful crook has all the job skills required to make it in Hollywood." (Klappentext)
Preis: 8,95 €
"It strikes deep inside the heart... The story is clean, clear, straight, the work of a mature imagination at full power... here is a book that will be celebrated for a long time." (David Hughes, Mail On Sunday)
Preis: 1,45 €
Sapolsky, Harvey M.: Science and the Navy
A.d. Inhalt: Introduction - The Origins of the Office of Naval Research - The Office of National Research - The Office of No Return? ONR and the Issue of Relevance - Managing Naval Science - Science Advice for the Navy - Conclusion
Preis: 4,95 €

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Ivancevich, John M. u.a.: Management
2. Auflage / Second Edition. (ISBN: 0-256-18939-0 (überklebt mit Aufkleber: ISBN 0-07-114401-3)). A.d. Inhalt: Managing and the Environment - Planning - Organizing - Leading - Controlling - Growth, Technology and Innovation
Preis: 18,95 €
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